Preliminary Automatics Course

Chapter 2. Program SCILAB installation
Go to Scilab producer page and install the program.
If success–>go to chapter 3
ELSE–> continue chapter 2

Fig. 2-1

Fig. 2-2
I have Windows 10-64bit. I chose the most up-to-date Scilab 6 beta2 version first. But it didn’t work correctly. I don’t know the reason.
My computer or Scilab beta2 version? I chose the earlier Scilab 5.5.2 version so (by clicking):
1. “generally” Scilab 5.5.2 first
2. “in detail” Scilab 5.5.2-64-bit Windows second
The installation process will start.

Fig. 2-3

Fig. 2-4

Fig. 2-5

Fig. 2-6
Choose language

Fig. 2-7

Fig. 2-8

Fig. 2-9

Fig. 2-10

Fig. 2-11
Scilab 5.5.2 shortcut location

Fig. 2-12

Fig. 2-13

Fig. 2-14
Scillab is installed now! Wait some minutes.

Fig. 2-15

Fig. 2-16
The main Scilab.window will be opened. Scilab shortcut should be on the desktop. See it

Fig. 2-17
Scilab shortcut
Congratulation. You have Scilab 5.2.2 now!

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