There are different articles about principles of automatics, computers…
The biggest one

Exactly Preliminary Automatics Course
This is a flagship. The main advantage is a virtual laboratory.
You test all you can read! Other such courses are rarely equipped with this tool!
Three about frequency transforms 
-Complex Numbers-As an introduction to the next 2. Each of them is about the same, but are presented from 2 points of view.
-Classically Fourier Series
-Rotating Fourier Series
The latter is more intuitive and will make it easier to understand the Fourier and Laplace Transforms. I am thinking of 2 articles on these transforms.
Two about digital electronics
-CRC Cyclic Redundancy Code
-Ring Buffer
One for Phil and Nickymy grandsons
Apitor-How to start a play with a cheap educational robot – Apitor SuperBot.
My main goal is a “How does it work?” explanation. Therefore I use animation and intuition  as much as possible.
You can enter each article by clicking the appropriate top tab. You will then see a table of contents on the side and a nice picture. Usually it is a photo from my bicycle tours. Oh, such a cut-scene. Here I heartily recommend the Northern Suwałki Region and the vicinity of Borne Sulinowo in Poland.
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