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The portal deals with broadly understood automatics, computer science, electronics,… The main goal is to understand the principle of “How it works”. That is why I use intuition and animation to the maximum extent. Even at the cost of simplifying the mathematics.
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One course
That is the flagship of the site. The main advantage is the animations of time charts. A “static” drawing of a time chart, e.g. a PID temperature control with a disturbance, is perceived differently than a waveform that develops before our eyes, I modeled each experiment with the SCILAB program and then recorded it with the ActivePresenter program. So the problem of knowing, installing SCILAB and its operation with different settings disappears. Just press the video button and watch the experiment. The note also applies to other courses. You will feel like an operator in the control room of the Refinery observing the technological process. Are you worried about the drop in distillate temperature? Fortunately, the temperature soon returned to normal. And this is simply the PID controller that compensates for the temperature drop with additional heating.

Four on Series and Fourier Transforms

Complex Numbers as something needed for Fourier Series and Transforms.
Fourier Series Classic
As the name suggests.
Rotating Fourier Series 
That is Fourier Series in a different way. You throw a periodic function f(t) into a centrifuge. And what comes out of it at the appropriate velocities 1ω0…, nω0? Consecutive harmonics of course!… This approach is more intuitive than Fourier Series Classic.
Fourier Transform
Most authors start with this. It does not say what the Fourier Transform is, but how it is calculated. It’s as if someone defined a hammer as a product that needs to be made in a certain way. And it should be. A hammer is a tool for driving nails, and the Fourier Transform is a method for the distribution of harmonics in the f(t) signal.
I’m thinking about the Laplace Transform. All in all, it would be a nice whole.

Two on Digital Technology.
How does CRC work?
When the 2 networked computers conclude that the information received is not the same as the information sent, they repeat the transmission. That’s how the network works. Okay, but how do they know there’s been an error?* One king send another king a very important letter that decided about war or peace. How can they be sure that the bribed messenger hasn’t changed a few but very important passages in the letter?
Of course, I am not thinking about the trivial case when the receiver sees only bushes. But, for example, when one dot is missing or changed to another character from 100 uploaded pages.
Cyclic Buffer
A computer that wants to send a larger number of bytes first puts them into some area of memory. This relatively small memory can be, among others, Cyclic Buffer.

One for my grandchildren Filip and Nicholas.

How to start playing with the inexpensive educational robot Apitor SuperBot.

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