There are different articles about principles of automatics, computers…

The articles:
The biggest one
-Automatics Course
This is a flagship. The main advantage is a virtual laboratory.
You test all you can read! Other such courses are rarely equipped with this tool!
Two about digital electronics
-CRC Cyclic Redundancy Code
-Ring Buffer
Two about frequency transforms 

-Complex Numbers-necessary to understand frequency transforms
-Fourier Series
I am planning the next 2 articles in this ground. Fourier Transform and Laplace Transform
One for Phil and Nickymy grandsons
Apitor-How to start a play with a cheap educational robot – Apitor SuperBot.

My main goal is a “How does it work?” explanation. Therefore I use animation and intuition  as much as possible.
All articles inputs are in the upper tabs. Click it. Then  you will see the table of contents and some  nice picture.

1. “Preliminary Automatics Course” in polish language–>click
2. There are photos of my bike trips. It’s nice to remind about them during dark raining days.
3. The blog will grow in the future.