Preliminary Automatics Course

Chapter 3. Block diagrams files downloading
The files will be loaded by Windows 10.
Click–>  Load block diagrams

Fig. 3-1
The compressed folder with block diagrams files will be loaded

Fig. 3-2
Windows 10 will load compressed and will unpack it here as a common PID file. Copy this file to the desktop. Check it.

Fig. 3-3
PID folder on the desktop with block diagrams. What is it contents? Click it.

Fig. 3-4
PID folder contains 20 subfolders. There are „lessons”-files with the block diagrams in each subfolder. Subfolder 01 contains its own subfolders.

Fig. 3-5
You have your own  Virtual Automatics Laboratory on the desktop now.
The Scilab application–>Xcos is used to call block diagrams. Example- oscillation unit step responses and others.

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