How to buy Automatics?
After reading Chapter 1, Introduction of the Automatics course, you are curious about what’s next.
So you click, for example, Chapter 2 Proportional Unit, and there’s a surprise!

Fig. 1
Suggestion to buy.
The shop only has 1 product: Automatiocs course. You have decided to purchase. After clicking, your order will appear. You will enter some of your details and a password that you will need later. Although it is recoverable, try to remember it. You will also choose the payment method.

Fig. 2
Order and payment details
The app will only allow one payment. It’s in your interest. Why should you pay multiple times if you can only work on one computer at a time anyway? At home, in the office, at a friend’s house…
To choose payment by PayPal, Blik, Przelewy24 – select Paypal and click on one of the 3 buttons.
The transfer should reach the recipient almost immediately. But don’t be nervous. Sometimes there are
traffic jams on the internet roads,
To choose a regular bank transfer, select Bank transfer. It will be delivered to the recipient the next day.

When the transfer reaches the Recipient, you will receive an email. You don’t have to confirm anything in it. It is for information only.
Click Login to Automatics.

Fig. 3
Login to Automatics
After clicking, enter the data you know and click.

Fig. 4
After clicking, you will check your data.

Fig. 5
Your account details
You can also change your password.
Click “How does it work?”. From now on, you can take the “Automatics” course for a year.

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