Apitor Educational Robot

Chapter 2 How to connect a mobile phone to the Main Central Unit?
Chapter 2.1 Introduction

Fig. 2-1

You need a cell phone, a Main Central Unit and the free Apitor Robot program. There should be 3 1.5V/AA cells in the Main Central Unit. I’ll start by installing the program in the mobile.


Fig. 2-2

How to download Apitor Robot program on your mobile phone?
I’m not sure if you need to check something like “mobile application icon” during installation. I’m sure you can handle it.

Chapter 2.2 Bluetooth, or how to connect your mobile phone to the Main Central Unit
1. Turn on the Main Central Unit with the power button. The button flashes green waiting for a connection to the mobile phone.
2. Turn on your mobile phone and, just in case, close Apitor Robot program if you have not done so before. It would be good if you closed other unnecessary programs. How to see which ones are open? It depends on the cell. For example, on my Samsung, I need to click the left corner button next to the “home” button.
3. Place the cell next to the Main Central Unit
4. Invoke Apitor Robot program by clicking its icon

Apitor Robot icon
The Welcome Screen will appear

Fig. 2-4
Welcome Screen

and in a moment the Home Screen



Fig. 2-5
Home Screen from which you can also enter the screen
– Program
– Training
The Bluetooth symbol is flashing, which means the cell phone is trying to connect to the Main Central Unit. Click on the flashing Bluetooth symbol.
You will see the transmission process.

Fig. 2-6

The transmission process screen in front of the Home screen.
While connecting, the button on the Main Central Unit  flashes red.
After successful connection:
-The button on the Main Central Unit will stop flashing and turn green.
-The Transmission Process Screen will display “Connect Successful” and the Bluetooth symbol will stop flashing.
From now on you can program and control. Click the cross and you will enter the Settings Screen. Here you can change the language of the instructions and other things. More on this topic in Chapter 3 Settings Screen.

Chapter 2.3 How to exit the Apitor application at any time?
When you are in the Apitor application, the entire screen is filled. Then you don’t see the iPhone’s Home button (not to be confused with the Apitor’s Home button in the Fig.2-5!). To see it, swipe up at the bottom of the screen and press the Home button that now appears.

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