How does CRC work?

9. Various CRC algorithms

How does CRC work? Chapter 9 Various CRC algorithms Chapter 9.1 Introduction The basis of all algorithms is Chapter 4 CRC arithmetic. In Chapter 5 Calculating CRC on registers we showed how to implement this single-bit shift algorithm on registers. Programmers of microprocessor systems do not use bits but bytes, and this is what the …

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5. Calculating CRC on registers

How does CRC work? Chapter 5 Calculating CRC on registers Chapter 5.1 Introduction You already know how to calculate CRC and it is much easier than simple decimal division. The algorithm is only shifts and possibly xor-ing. They can therefore be easily implemented on shift registers supported by simple logic based on xoring.ig. 5-1 Chapter …

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4. CRC Arithmetic

How does CRC work? Chapter 4 CRC Arithmetic Chapter 4.1 Introduction We will start with a topic that you already know from primary school, which is written division. Then you will see that calculating CRC is similar, only much simpler. You don’t have to wonder how many times “something” fits into “something”. There is nothing …

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3. Logical Functions

How does CRC work? Chapter 3 Logical Functions Chapter 3.1 Introduction I have already mentioned that CRC is treated as a kind of “remainder” of division. The “division” is the message being sent, the “divisor” is a certain constant known to the Transmitter and the Receiver, and the “rest” is the CRC. Wait, what’s most …

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1. Introduction

How does CRC work? Chapter 1  Introduction Chapter 1.1 Introduction Everyone has encountered the message “CRC data error… and something else” at some point. This is an error that appears, for example, when transmitting data from a CD to a hard drive, or more generally – when exchanging data between two devices in the network. …

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