Chapter 3 Setting display
Chapter 3.1 Introduction
When you clicked cross in Fig. 2-6 chapter 2, you went into Setting display.
There are other ways to Setting Display too.–>see chapters 4,5 and 6.

Fig. 3-1
Setting display
There are 3 inputs to subdisplays
1. Language
2. Parameter
3. www site
Click Language push-button

Chapter 3.2 Language subdisplay

Fig. 3-2
Language Push-button  when clicked.
Click lower Language push-button and move finger to polish language for example.

Fig. 3-3
Polish language was chosen here for example.
Return to english language.

Chapter 3.3 Parameter display
Let’s go to Parameter display.
1. Click left upper arrow. The display Setting will emerge with a magnified push-button 1.language as Fig. 3-2.
Move finger right for push-button 2.Parameter and click lower Setting

Fig. 3-4
Display Parameter
The BlueTooth range can be changed here
Click left upper arrow and set www display.

Chapter 3.4 www

Fig. 3-5
Company www
Click Connect. You will visit Company www.

Fig. 3-6
There is a short movie about Apitor Superbot.
Click mobile Return push-button and you are in Apitor Robot application  again–>Fig. 3-5
Let’s go to the Tutor. This is  the biggest and most important display! I expect.
Click the left upper arrow –>Rys. 3-5. You are in Home display now.

Fig. 3-7
Home display
Click Tutorial and Read Chapter 4 Tutorial Display next.