Chapter 2 Main Control Unit-Mobile bluetooth link
Chapter2.1 Introduction

Fig. 2-1
There are necessary mobileMain Control Unit and free Apitor Robot application.
The Main Control Unit has to be equipped with 3 batteries 1.5V/AA.

How to install  Apitor Robot application in the mobile?

Fig. 2-2
Apitor Robot icon after installation.

Chapter 2.2 Bluetooth, that is „How to connect mobile with the Central Block”
1. Main Control Unit push-button turn on. The push-button flashes green and waits for connection.
2. Turn the mobile on. It’s recommended to close all the mobile unnecessary programs. But which programs are opened?
It depends on the mobile. My Samsung for example, needs to touch the button to the left of „home” button.
3. Approach the mobile to the Main Control Unit.
4. Click Apitor Robot icon

 Apitor Robot icon
The Welcome display will emerge.

Fig. 2-4
Welcome Display

and Home Display will emerge in a moment

Fig. 2-5
Home Display
You can visit also other displays from here
– Code
– Tutorial

Bluetooth icon is flashing. It means that mobile tries to connect with the Central Block.
Click the Bluetooth icon. You wil see the connecting process then.

Fig. 2-6
Connecting process on the Home display background.
When connecting process is continuing then:
-The BlueTooth icon is flashing .
-The Main Control Unit push-button is red flashing.
When connecting process is finished then:
-The BlueTooth icon isn’t flashing .
-The Main Control Unit push-button isn’t flashing. The colour changes for green.
-The statement „Connect succeed!” on the display.
It’s possible to programm and control the Main Control Unit now.
Click left upper cross and go to Settings display.
See Chapter 3 Settings display next.