Chapter 1  Introduction
There is no better programming way for 8+ children than robot programminng. Why? Because you see the effects immediately.
It concerns 8+, but the adults help is strongly recommended. In fact, the title should be Apitor SuperBot”, because this is the robot’s name. There are bricks similar to Lego. The most important brick is a Main Control Unit. It contains computer, communication  Bluetooth unit, ports and electrical micromotors. There are 2 IR sensors too.  The common brick toys are all the rest. You can build many complicated devices. The included manual shows 18 of them.

Fig  1-1
Apitor SuperBot kit

Fig. 1-2
Main Control Unit 
with connected 2 IR sensors
Computer inside
–  Bluetooth Communication inside
2 micromotors. You see one motor axis here.
4 Leds You see 2 ahead and 1 behind
4 ports It’ s possible to connect other elements . IR sensors* for example
– Push-button
The Main Control Unit is programmed and controlled by the aid of mobile or  tablet**. They have to be equipped with internet and bluetoohth. Common computers and laptops are excluded!
Maybe it’s an advantage.
*IR sensor (Infrared detector) detects any obstacles as hand, wall etc. 
**I use mobile in this manual. But this word may be changed for tablet without consequences.

Main Control Unit  has 2 modes
– Offline

Online Mode is on when Main Control Unit push-button is short  time pressed. The mobile with activated Apitor Robot  must be connected via blue-tooth with the Main Control Unit. The push-button is continuous green glowing and leds are continuous blue glowing. You can program and test the Main Control Unit now. It’s possible to load the program to the Main Control Unit too.  The Online Mode is mostly used in practice.
See more–> Chapter 5 Code Display p. 5.4

Offline Mode is on when Main Control Unit push-button is long time  pressed. More exactly-Press push-button until it is continuously red glowing.  The existing in Main Control Unit program will be executed and the device behaves as a common factory programmed electronic toy. It means that you have upload the program to the Main Control Unit first! It is possible to execute the program only. No program modifications in this mode.
See more–> Chapter 5 Code Display p. 5.4

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