Marek Gonet

Warsaw University of Technology – Electrical Faculty/Automatics 1966…72.
I worked as an automatics engineer and did some things in this area then . But my best and dream
job was in 2008 – senior citizen. I have lots of free time now and that’s a reason of this course.
There is not too many theory here and I try to explain it as simple as possible, as I feel it. There are
probably exaggerations in the oversimplifying sometimes.
For example- Automatics definition is for me the response for 2 basic questions only.

1. How the output signal y(t) is going to its steady state y(t)=x(t) where step x(t) is a set point?
2. How the disturbances z(t) are suppressed by the controller?

But on the other side. I am sure that these hundreds “hand made” experiments does no
harm!  Maybe you will be happy to tune PID controller. The emotions aren’t these same as
in the real industrial objects of course! When the valves are knocking, the actuators are
hissing and the alarms are screaming. And you don’t know why the sulfuric acid is flowing
directly for the tender workers? An interesting problem to solve.
We have no such emotions in our laboratory. But it’s safe and the direction is right.
I encourage you to set questions. I am not sure I will be able to answer all of them. I count
on readers help.